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About Us

Married since 2002, husband and wife, Norma and Steve, (the founders), have very similar childhood backgrounds. Norma grew up in Mexico where hot running water was a luxury, kids were taught to be resourceful and responsible at a young age, and money was scarce.

Steve endured a very rough childhood due to a dysfunctional parental upbringing. However, today, he has two beautiful kids, who are fortunate enough to have loving, compassionate, parents, working to provide them with guidance so that they may become respectable, humble, adults.

We never had any handouts as kids and that has taught us a valuable lesson. Not only do you work for what you want but you also appreciate what you have.

Since establishing this business in 2006, we have noticed that just a simple act like cleaning people’s homes, can actually enrich peoples lives.

A clean home is not only visually appealing, but also healthier for the entire family.

That’s what keeps us motivated.

Our personal philosophy: The world needs more humanitarians, more small businesses, and less corporations who are motivated by greed and have no accountablity.

We genuinely hope you will consider us for your cleaning service needs and are very confident you will find us worthy of your patronage.

Wishing you peace, prosperity, health, love, and faith!

Norma, Steve, Hailey, and Christian.


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