PNW Aging Specialty Services, LLC

PNW Aging Specialty Services, LLC


Medical, Dental & Nursing Care

About Us

PNW Aging is a locally owned and operated business that was started in 2001. PNW Aging realized there was a great need for high quality advocacy for the Seniors in our community; for experienced, compassionate and educated Case Managers to support Caregivers in their roles caring for your loved one. In today’s world not everyone has family close, nonetheless able to accept such responsibilities. Today families have such busy schedules that they are unable to provide the needed supports to their loved ones.

We are very actively involved in the wellbeing of the Senior Community as we help support Seniors everyday. Whether they are living in their own homes or even in a long-term care setting, we are always there to support them and their loved ones through Caregiving and Case Management support. Navigating and coordinating is a complex process, sometimes a bit overwhelming. PNW Aging makes it easy to navigate the healthcare system, while also ensuring family and friends can rest easy knowing their loved ones are properly cared for.


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